Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Brand Name: Madtech

Model: MAD-F

Accuracy: 0.5%

Nominal Diameter: DN15 – DN3000

Medium: Conductive Liquid

Output: 4-20mA, Pulse

Communication: Modbus / RS485

Power: 220 VAC, Battery (optional)

Pressure: 0.6 – 4.0 MPa (sécial pressure)

Electrode material: SS316L/Hastelloy C22/ Platinium/Tantalum

Protection Class: IP65, IP67, IP68

Connection: Flanged



Electromagnetic flowmeters are the best solution to measure conductive liquids with minimum conductivity of 5μS/cm, as they offer rapid response time, high measuring accuracy and long term stability.
No moving parts in the pipe and no obstruction to the liquid, with great advantage of no-pressure loss and virtually maintenance free system.
Our electromagnetic flowmeters cover a wide range of applications and satisfy every customer demand: flanged, wafer, threaded and insertions DN15 to DN3000.